Seeing the Right Doctor

Many people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident simply go to their primary care physician, get some Vicodin or Flexeril, see the doctor for a couple of visits, and then give up. However, it is extremely important to see specialists for your injuries. All of your injuries!

Man with Oxygen on Stretcher - a Serious InjuryPrimary care doctors are good doctors, but they may not be trained in traumatic injuries. An injured person needs a specialist for each of his/her particular personal injuries.

Some examples:

  • Ongoing headaches may mean one needs to see a neurologist
  • Imbalance or ringing in the ears may require the services of an otolaryngologist
  • TMJ and jaw pain requires a specialized or specially trained dentist
  • Back or strain injury may require a chiropractor or orthopedist

There is a specialist for nearly every condition or body part. There are also a number of specialized tests that should be completed to objectively verify that your symptoms are caused by your auto accident. Remember, the injured party has the burden of proving the extent of their injuries, even if the other side admits fault.

Without the proper doctors and documentation, you cannot get full value for your damages; and if you simply go to your primary doctor who tells you-you’ll be okay in 6 weeks and to take an aspirin, then expecting more for permanent ongoing residuals will take more effort than a couple of visits and a pill or two.

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