What to Do After a Crash with a Drunk Driver

what to do after a crash with a drunk driver | drunk driver on the roadAny crash can prove to be a challenging experience. However, when you encounter a drunk driver, you run even further risks. The aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be contentious as alcohol often increases aggression. It’s crucial to know what you should do after a drunk driving crash to avoid further problems.

Contact Local Authorities

Report the crash to local law enforcement as soon as possible. If you can get an officer on the accident scene, you can receive help exchanging the vital information necessary after a crash. Law enforcement officers can also create an accident report that may detail the other driver’s intoxication level. In doing so, they can help you build a strong case for compensation.

Avoid Altercations

Drunk drivers can quickly become contentious and aggressive. They may feel that you caused the accident and damaged their vehicle, so they create an altercation rather than calmly exchanging information with you.

Another benefit of getting law enforcement officers on the scene is the ability to have the officer navigating these conversations and preventing an altercation. Law enforcement officers can help keep aggressions calm.

Hire a Lawyer

A lawyer can help you seek compensation after a crash. After a drunk driving accident, your attorney can gather significant evidence that helps you build a strong case to hold the negligent driver accountable. Before even speaking with insurance companies, hire an attorney and get legal counsel on your side.

At The Gatti Law Firm, our Oregon car accident attorneys prioritize your rights. We work to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. We hold drunk drivers accountable and safeguard you from insurance companies and their adjusters. Trust us to be there for you when you need us most. We offer free consultations so that you can get answers and peace of mind every step of the way.

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