How Long Should I Expect My Claim to Take?

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Unfortunately, if you suffer severe injuries in a crash involving someone else’s negligence, you need relief quickly. You should be able to pursue compensation for your injuries without delay, but that’s not always in the insurance company’s best interests.

Because some insurance companies focus on profits over people, they may try to find ways to delay claims. They do this and hope that you need money enough to settle for whatever they offer you. As such, the timeline on claims varies. It helps to know what to expect every step of the way.

Are There Any Reasonable Delays?

One factor that can impact how long your claim takes is a reasonable delay. For instance, insurance adjusters may have a tough time getting ahold of witnesses for their statements. In these cases, there’s a difference between a reasonable delay and bad faith:

  • A reasonable delay occurs when insurance companies make attempts to progress your claim, but an unforeseen circumstance is causing it to take longer.
  • Bad faith occurs when insurance companies wrongfully delay claims, failing to contact witnesses or other parties to progress your claim further.

What Can I Do If Insurance Adjusters Delay My Claim?

If insurance adjusters delay a claim to protect their profits, you may have the right to take additional legal action for a bad faith lawsuit. Insurance companies have a duty to act reasonably and investigate claims timely and efficiently. If they don’t, you may pursue compensation and hold them accountable.

Make sure you speak with your lawyer to determine what options you have and how you can move forward. The more you are aware of your rights, the more you can hold insurance companies liable to complete the claim when you need it most.

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