[Infographic] Documents You Need After an Oregon Car Accident

The more you can do to protect your rights after a car accident, the better. Unfortunately, it’s often easy for people to overlook some of the most critical pieces of information. After a crash, you should work quickly to get the following documents to help build your claim.

documents to get after a crash, driver's license & contact information, insurance policy info, photos of your accident, witness statements

Driver’s License and Contact Information

When you report your accident with a lawyer, your team will need a way to contact the other driver for their statement. Take a picture of the other driver’s license and write down their phone number.

Insurance Policy Information

Ask the other driver for their insurance card. Make sure you document the name of the insurance provider and the driver’s policy number. It helps to know from whom you are pursuing compensation. It also helps your legal team better understand the limits associated with the policy and how much you may recover.

Photos of Your Accident

Take photos of your accident, including the scene, damage to all vehicles, and visible injuries. The more photos you have that your legal team can use, the better. Many attorneys can access accident reconstructionists who can use photos to show liability, injury severity, and more.

Witness Statements

If anyone is at the accident scene when your crash occurs, you can speak with witnesses to get their statements. In many situations, what witnesses say can aid in your pursuit of compensation. The more information they can provide, the better. You can also request that they sign and date their statement, as well as provide contact information for insurance adjusters and your legal team to reach them.

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