How Does a Spine Injury Happen?

man holding injured neck

There are many situations in which negligence can arise, leading to you suffering significant harm from a catastrophic injury. Much like a traumatic brain injury, there are certain events that lead to spine injuries more often than others.

If you suffer a severe spine or spinal cord injury, it’s vital to recognize how someone else can cause you to sustain this harm. This means recognizing some of the most common causes of a spine injury and working to prove liability to pursue justice. Contact our legal team for legal help dealing with the legal aftermath of a spinal cord injury and fighting for justice!

Spinal Injury from Car Accidents

Car accidents—or more commonly rear-end accidents—can cause a significant force to your body. The jolt that many people refer to as whiplash can be very dangerous for you as your head moves backwards and forward due to the impact.

Whiplash can have a tremendous effect on your neck, causing you significant harm. If the force is enough, it may cause herniated or bulging discs, damage to the nerves in your spinal cord, and potentially paralysis.

Spinal Injury from Slip and Falls

If you slip and fall, there’s a high chance that you will fall on your back, tailbone, or head. If this happens, it’s easy for your back to suffer severe damage. Even falling on your tailbone can lead to a sacral spine injury, which is enough to impact your hip and leg function.

Slip and falls are more prone to occur in certain work areas or nursing homes. Nursing home slip and falls occur most often when the facility fails to recognize fall risks and provide the necessary care to protect the elderly.

Spinal Injury from Acts of Violence

Assault and weapon violence can prove to be very dangerous for a victim. If you are involved in this type of situation, you may even qualify to receive punitive damages as long as you can prove that the defendant acted in malice and without regard for your safety.

Our Oregon spine injury attorneys at The Gatti Law Firm are here to protect your rights throughout all legal proceedings. We’ll work on your behalf to pursue the compensation you need to recover from your injuries moving forward.

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