Why Wouldn't the Elderly Report Their Own Abuse?

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If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you expect that they’ll inform you if they’re experiencing some kind of abuse or neglect. Or at the very least, that they’d report it to the facility and the incident will be looked into thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and there are situations where the elderly don’t say anything about the physical, mental, verbal, or financial abuse they are experiencing. It’s important to recognize why this would happen and why the elderly would avoid reporting their own abuse.

They Fear Retaliation

Many times, the elderly individual who suffers some kind of abuse can be threatened by the person or persons responsible for their harm. The attacker may threaten further physical abuse should the elderly tell anyone of what has been happening.

This often shows in your elderly loved one’s behavior towards certain staff members or other residents. If your loved one looks intimidated by other parties, it can mean they have been threatened and while they may not report the incident, you definitely should.

They Fear Nobody Will Listen to Them

Remember, when a nursing home staff member mentally abuses an elderly individual, it’s because they’re vulnerable. The attacker may claim that nobody will believe the elderly about the abuse because of their declining mental health.

As such, the elderly may feel that even if they report the abuse, there’s nothing they can actually do to stop it from occurring. However, you should encourage your loved one to document the abuse as best as possible to have evidence so when they do report it, the agency has no choice but to accept the word of the abused.

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