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  • Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and Head Injury
    Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and Head Injury

    Approximately 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. This is considered to be a catastrophic injury . The severity of these injuries ranges from incapacitating to minor. ...

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  • Tragic Wrongful Death
    Tragic Wrongful Death

    The Gatti Law Firm represents many types of injured victims. Recently, a tragic wrongful death case was resolved by attorney Ron Sayer. This accident occurred in Grants Pass, Josephine County, State ...

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  • Sexual Abuse
    Sexual Abuse

    Estimates are that as many as one out of every four people are abused. Sexual abuse among children has wreaked its havoc for hundreds of years. Fortunately, in this modern day and age, childhood ...

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