Who Holds Liability In Truck Accidents?

Like any kind of crash, determining liability in a truck accident is crucial. You want to know who is responsible for your damages and who should pay out compensation. Several parties within the trucking industry can hold liability if they don’t put safety first.

Below, we will detail when specific parties hold responsibility and how you can seek compensation.

The Truck Driver

As in most situations, if a driver is negligent, they are the party responsible for compensation. Drivers are negligent when they speed, drive fatigue, are intoxicated, or are distracted. Truck drivers must ensure that they are putting safety first. Any careless action can lead to significant harm.

The Trucking Company Employer

Employers must ensure that they maintain their trucks and provide safety for their drivers. Unfortunately, many employers prioritize profits, pushing their employees and truck drivers to work longer hours or drive for more extended periods to meet deadlines.

The Employees Responsible for Loading Cargo

Employees who are responsible for loading cargo into the trailers can cause an accident because of an overload or uneven load. These issues can cause rollover accidents, trailer detachment crashes, and other problems.

The Trucking Part Manufacturer

Companies that make the parts for large commercial trucks can be responsible for a crash if there’s a defect. Brake failure is a common product defect. Large commercial trucks already have a challenging time stopping; a defect can make it nearly impossible.

At The Gatti Law Firm, we work to obtain compensation when our clients suffer severe harm because of a truck accident. Our Oregon truck accident lawyers go above and beyond to safeguard your rights and help you get to the next phase of your life following an injury. We work to determine who may be negligent and how to build a solid case on your behalf. Let us be your voice.

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