What Documents You Need to File a Fire Damage Claim

Filing a fire damage claim can help you obtain compensation for any damages you may encounter. However, you may run into obstacles when dealing with insurance adjusters, making it more challenging to get the outcome you need.

You should know what documents are needed to file your fire damage claim to maximize your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve. The correct documents can help because insurance adjusters are looking for any reason to deny or minimize your claim.

Proof of Your Losses

Filing a claim often means showing that you had the property to begin with. Because fires can completely disintegrate an item, insurance adjusters may not believe that you lost the item. However, if you have proof of the items you own, it’s easier to show that whatever is in your claim is valid and legitimate.

Photo of Your Damages

After a fire, you should take photos of your damages. Don’t move anything or try to mess with the scene, as insurance adjusters may try to use this against you. Take photos of all damages of your home or business, the property inside that is damaged, and anything else that can show you deserve compensation.

Your Policy Information

If you have a copy of your policy, you can point to the facts within the documentation that support your claim. Some insurance adjusters may try to claim your losses do not apply to your policy. If you can show that your losses are part of your coverage, the insurance company cannot argue it.

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